COFALE: An Adaptive Learning Environment Supporting Cognitive Flexibility


COFALE is a Web-based open-source adaptive e-Learning platform supporting cognitive flexibility, one important facet of constructivist learning theories. COFALE is based on ATutor, an open-source learning content management system. Here are the main features of COFALE:

Source Distribution

COFALE is a derivative verion of ATutor. Therefore, the source code of COFALE is distributed strictly under the licensing (GNU General Public License) claimed by the authors of ATutor. Please read carefully ATutor's licensing.

The installation process and system requirements of COFALE are the same as ATutor's. Please follow ATutor's instruction.

COFALE's first stable version: COFALE 1.0 Download (1.4 MB TGZ).


A demo about the recursion course in computing science shows an example of use of COFALE.
A short ppt presentation briefly explains the operational approach for the development of COFALE.

Integration of ACollab

To provide more learning facilities for students, it is useful to integrate ACollab into COFALE. The source code and the installation and integration processes of ACollab can be found at ACollab's website. Note that the way to integrate ACollab into COFALE is the same as the way to add it on to ATutor.


To design and use courses in COFALE:
To modify the source code of COFALE:

Author Contact

Please contact Vu Minh Chieu for any further information about the design, use, and development of COFALE.